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About Us



After I retired from the medical specialty of respiratory care, I began studing the benefits of a holistic lifestyle for my pack of four dogs.  Since My favorite hobby is cooking, I decided to start cooking for my beloved pets.  Using the information I gathered from researching holistic feeding, and witnessing the advantages and enthusiasm that came from feeding fresh, made from scratch, dog food, I decided to share, in the form of a treat....And Cheryl's Pure Dog Snacks Was Born!



Until now my health based dog snacks have only been available at Michigan Farmers Markets.  Now I would like to offer this amazing product to you.  It possess an uncommon duo.  Outstanding nutritional value and irresistible flavor. For finicky eaters you can even crumble the Powerhouse Granola and use it as a food topper.

No worries about recalls, or wondering about the mystery ingredients lurking in the big brand dog snacks.  Have piece of mind knowing each and every piece of my snacks are made with love for dogs and are designed for the optimal health and well being of your best friend.