Benefits of Dehydration

Nutritious Dog Snacks Packed
With Health Benefits


Nutritious Dog Snacks Packed With Health Benefits


You want only the best for your dog, and that’s why you buy only the best dog food and treats. Cheryl’s Pure Dog Snacks are made of turkey, fruit and vegetables and are prepared through dehydration to keep them pure and simple. Choose from our Wag-a-Doodles, Grain Free Wag-a-Doodles, Emu Crunch Sticks, and Artisan Sweet Potato Gems, and let your dog enjoy all the benefits of healthy dehydrated dog treats.

Packed With Nutrients

Unlike freezing or canning, dehydrating food doesn’t detract from the food’s original nutrients and doesn’t add additional sugars or salts for preservation. Dehydrated vegetables are essentially raw and contain all the nutrients found in fresh veggies.


Because dehydrated food contains no added preservatives, you don’t need to worry about your dog ingesting preservatives or other ingredients that may upset them.

Easy to Store

Dehydrated food is moisture-free, meaning it’s less susceptible to mold growth. It also takes up less space than fresh food. If you want healthy rewards for your pup, choose Cheryl’s healthy dehydrated dog treats.


Just like with human food, homemade dog treats are a healthier choice than commercial options. Cheryl’s Pure Dog Snacks are always made by hand with fresh local ingredients.

Convenient and Portable

Traveling with your dog can be tricky. Cheryl’s Pure Dog Snacks are easy to store and travel with, taking up less space than other options while still delivering nutrient-rich options for your dog.


At Cheryl’s, I use only fresh ingredients and USDA-rated turkey to ensure that your dog’s treats are delicious and healthy. My Wag-a-doodles are flavored with Worcestershire sauce, while my sweet potato gems are potato-only — the perfect treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Carefully Crafted

Cheryl’s Pure Dog Snacks are dried for 20 hours at 110°F in order to keep healthy enzymes and nutrients in the food.

Dehydration is one of the most natural and ancient ways of preserving food, and we’re not interested in changing it at Cheryl’s. Take a look at my shop to find healthy dehydrated dog treats for your pet.