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A new treat to add to my family of health based snacks. Dogs are going wild over the flavor of this protein rich, novel, lip smacking goodie. CATS LOVE THEM TOO! A tender, crunchy treat made entirely from ground emu liver, emu heart, and emu meat. Mixed together, then formed into sticks and dehydrated for 20 hours.

Great treat for dogs with allergies! Great treat for our carnivore cat buddies. Using ground meat produces a tender treat that is easily chewed so our senior pets, and teeth challenged pets can enjoy this treat.

Your dogs diet should consist of 20% organ meat. A convenient product to meet this requirement that your pup will instinctively go bonkers over. Bon appétit my dear furry friends.

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Weight 0.56 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 4 in

2 reviews for EMU CRUNCH STICKS

  1. George D.

    Very good product, my dog absolutely loves it.

  2. Sandra H.

    One of our dogs LOVES Emu Crunch Sticks and the other just wont eat them. Very weird, but his sister happily eats his!

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